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changing the present

Say you have your china, you don't want any linen, or you're just looking for something with a meaningful twist for your registry. Changing the Present offers a unique selection of “charitable gifts” from hundreds of leading nonprofits that reach out to the world and make a difference. Register to give a girl her first book. Feed a hungry baby for 2 months. Rescue an animal. Keep a child warm. Build a playground. You register for these things, and your guests pay for them. Prices range to suit your broke friends ($10) or your wealthy auntie ($500).


Pink Lady Claire on 10:09 AM

Thank you for this eye-opening post. Sometimes we get so caught up in the details of our own weddings, we forget about the big picture.

Laura on 10:33 PM

I agree. All of the wedding excess and luxury makes me sick when I think of those who have nothing. More posts like this one, please! Or maybe just a post a week as a reminder: "Hey, ladies: remember, for the cost of tuna tartare for 5, you can feed a starving family for a week."