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affordable. wedding. dresses.

The ever elusive trinity of wedding dress shopping:
1) Affordability (Yes, you love that $6,000 gown from Reem Acra, but you can't actually GET it).
2) Stylishness (Sure, finding an affordable dress is easy. If you're looking for a poofy tulle skirt with a side of poofy tulle sleeves).
3) Quality. (nuff said)

Yay Nordstrom's for scoring 3 out of 3 for all the above options. I chose my favorites of many.


Tammi Darden on 8:11 AM

I've been a big fan of Nordstrom's wedding appropriate dresses for awhile now and have been considering the short BCBG dress with the applique flowers. These are all great options and you'll save a lot of money on the dress and alterations.

Aimee on 8:42 AM

the strapless bcbg one is what i'm wearing to my wedding in august! i first saw it here, a long time ago but didn't think i wanted strapless. after buying another dress and not being happy i finally bit-the-bullet and ordered from nordy's! i'm so, so glad i did. it is perfect, and i have dreams of dying it a shade of linen and wearing it again and again... thanks for the posts!

Kayti on 11:21 AM

I love all your ideas! I am so happy that the Grecian style of wedding gown is so readily available now. I have always dreamt of wearing something to that affect . . . and I am more than pleased to see that there are a few cheaper options:)

Tilly on 1:51 PM

I bought (and then returned) that strapless BCBG one too. I LOVED it, but for my garden October wedding, it just didn't work. Then I ended up getting a flowy, kinda summery dress anyway. Ah well. I had to just go with what I like!

Belinda on 7:02 AM

I'm surprised to see these most beautiful wedding dresses at Nordstrom... AWESOME!!

Meg on 6:25 PM

Gah! Indeed. You are my hero. I love the second one, but, alas, I still am trying to avoid strapless. To a seamstress I go.

Dynamite Weddings on 8:58 PM

It's always fun to find amazing bridal deals! Check these crazy deals out too:

Realmarce on 8:37 AM

Nice dresses. Thank!

antique engagement rings on 5:04 PM

Those wedding dresses are gorgeous!

Anonymous on 5:14 PM

I already bought my dress (great deal at an Amsale Trunk sale), but am so surprised to see such amazing options at such affordable prices. I thought I found a deal, but these are truly fashion on a budget options!