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wooden clutch

I'm digging the stenciled details on these wooden Tivi Sari Maple Handbags. The bent wood is so elegant, and the shape is timeless.
Available at Composition.


Jen Sale on 10:18 PM

Lovely and unusual! I've never seen anything like it.

Deirdre Gill on 11:05 PM

I want it!

Nay-K on 3:05 AM

oh my god. they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa from Blush on 3:39 PM

I’m on the edge of my chair, agape and wide-eyed. I wonder if my husband loves me enough to get over a purchase of a $400 wooden clutch. And. p.s. I'm going to have to swipe this to post too - just so I have the picture on my blog!

Mrs. Designher on 9:37 AM

::: Drools on keyboard :::

Fabulously Broke on 11:26 AM

That clutch is gorgeous :) I'm linking to this too!!!!