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vintage lockets

I'm not sure when lockets went out of style... I know I used to be fascinated with them when I was little. I always thought they had a really mysterious, romantic quality that was very appealing to me. When I stumbled across the vintage locket collection over at vintage rehab, I couldn't help but try and resurrect this old tradition. I thought they could be wonderfully re-purposed wrapped around your bridal bouquet with pictures of you and your fiance, or an image of someone special who you'd like close to your heart on your wedding day.


Kathryn on 8:58 AM

These are beautiful - what a sweet addition they would make to bridal accessories.

Pencils on 9:29 AM

They are beautiful, but I've looked at that Etsy store and the lockets are VERY expensive, especially considering they're all gold-filled, pretty much. You can get a much better deal on eBay., such as a sterling silver locket for much less or even a real gold locket for not much more. The British tended to use 9ct gold which isn't terribly valuable, but it's still gold--look at for deals.

Anonymous on 8:05 PM

I just checked out Vintage Rehab's store and wanted to let everyone know about the summer sale. All of the vintage locket necklaces are 25% off and free shipping. Vintage Rehab's jewelry is incomparable to ebay and the prices see very reasonable. I really want one, but deciding which to buy is very difficult since all of them are so beautiful.

Personal Wine Blog on 8:47 PM
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Personal Wine Blog on 8:52 PM

I got a locket from Vintage Rehab for my niece and she loved it. The quality is well worth the price. The chain had been replaced with vintage Chanel chain and stones. I couldn't find nicer on eBay and I tried for weeks.

silver lockets on 1:54 PM

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