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locket? love it.

I had no idea when I posted about vintage lockets as "bouquet charms" a few weeks ago that it was actually a THING. As it turns out, there's a wonderful artisan out there in Etsy-land who specializes in the production of this adorable little tradition-in-the-making. Lost and Fawned makes customizable lockets for your bouquet, and then they'll turn your bouquet locket into a necklace locket, complete with a customizable chain. It's a complete locket experience!


caroline on 3:25 AM

i'm sorry to bring tim mcgraw to your blog, but the title of this post has me singing 'i locket, i love it, i want some more of it.'

it's obviously time for me to get back in bed.

i think this is really cute, though. i'll put it in my thoughts pocket and go dream about it now.

letterjay on 11:05 AM

That's an awesome locket! but what I really want to know is: what is that adorable font you used for "After"?

Lindsey Elisabeth on 11:33 AM

That font is actually "Little Days", you can find it at :)

letterjay on 11:55 AM

Thanks so much!!

Ashley L. on 12:58 PM

oh my goodness you have beat me to a post on lockets! :)

i just asked my boyfriend for one for my birthday! i love the ones on etsy! this one that you have posted is absolutely gorgeous! lockets are so timeless and classy. wonderful post! :)

Deirdre Gill on 4:14 PM

Congratulations on your big Today Show feature! Woo hoo! You rock!

joyce@ bliss event group on 1:32 AM

so cute! lockets are such a good idea for wedding favors too, very personal.