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Manolo's Spring Collection includes the palest petal pink patent leather on several of their signature styles. Maybe it's because I'm watching Sex and the City reruns, maybe it's the intoxication of the shiny patent leather... whichever it is, my personal favorite is the Campari Mary Jane. The pink patent is available in several other styles as well, any of which would look amazing under your wedding gown!


Chrissy on 4:29 PM

Hey, I've actually been a lurker for awhile. I really like these shoes. They're very lovely.

Wendy on 1:50 PM

I'm planning a 5 year anniversay party for me and hubby next year and these shoes are PERFECT for the dress I'm wearing! Now if I can just find a way to finance the purchase!! :) WOW!

Ally on 1:48 AM

Good stuff !! I like shiny pink patent leather shoes for the wedding. Those shoes really provide the finishing touch for the bride.