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ab imo pectore

I must apologize for the late hour of my post today. I usually post in the evening and upload around midnight so that everyone has something to read over their morning coffee. Last night however, my allergies were kicking my butt and I took a couple benadryl around 9, and that was it for me... TKO until 8 am. I swear the only reason benadryl works is because you are too passed out to notice your itchy eyes and runny nose.
Anyway! I've been meaning to post about these fabulous sterling silver pendants I saw over at Brooklyn Bride, and thought today would be the day. They are engraved with the phrase "ab imo pectore", meaning "from the bottom of my heart". You can even engrave some initials or a date free of charge. I thought they'd be a perfect gift (day-of) from the groom to the bride or vice versa. Available at Supermarket.


Kelly on 11:27 AM

I think it's cute, but I'm concerned about the gross-out factor for other people being that it is an accurate representation of a real heart.

But then, maybe other people won't know how accurate it is and won't find it disturbing at all.

Unique, nonetheless.

Mackenzie on 8:30 AM

I love that they look like a real heart. I tend to run in fear from anything that looks too cliche heart-y, and this seems sort of refreshing.

Jenn on 2:04 PM

I love this, my fiancee and I met while we were working in a Cardiac ICU and its perfect for us!