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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

pretty as a peacock

I've had several very cool clients recently tell me they're incorporating peacock feathers into their wedding decor. If they are any indication of trends to come, the hair accessories at Portobello are sure to be a big hit! They have more than just peacock feathers, check them out!

adorable headbands

I love these! Leaves, feathers or beads, all so cute! Don't you love Etsy? I have my eyes on the feathery one. All from Clybourne Ave.

favorite favors!

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I've been sick as a dog, with some sort of killer cold. I'm on the mend though, and happy to be back!
How cute are these? I thought they would make fantastic favors, for the wedding or the shower. Handmade in India, available thru the National Geographic website.


I'm so happy to be back! While I have no news (they didn't do an ultrasound this morning, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to find out if it's a boy or a girl) I am excited to get back to blogging and to work at Kenzie Kate. Thank you to everyone who left name suggestions. I will revisit this problem in a few weeks!
I got an exciting email from Becky Kelso last week about her new website and corresponding sale. Enter the code "OPAL" at checkout until the end of March and get a 25% discount off anything on her new site. I thought I'd post about that first off, in case any of you might like to do a little discount shopping!

see you next week!

Happy Friday! I'm off for an extended weekend getaway with the hubs. We are taking a much needed break to recharge our batteries and gather our thoughts. I will be back to regular posting next Friday (possibly with big news... we may find out if we're having a boy or a girl at our next ultrasound! Yikes! That's big!). I have absolutely no idea what I might be having. I know lots of women have strong opinions one way or the other... me? not so much. I know that I'm better at picking names for girls... so maybe a girl? If it's a boy, I'm going to need input. I draw a blank whenever I try and come up with boy names.
In the mean time, please check out these fantastic boutonnieres from Design Whimsy. Boutonnieres were probably the last things on my list when I was planning my wedding, and subsequently, they got overlooked. The guys ended up with bouts, but they were a little... half-assed. These would have been exactly what I was looking for back then, and I thought some of you might be in need of just such a service. Don't miss the really beautiful passementerie style bouquets while you're over there. They could save you quite a bundle on flowers if you were so inclined!
Have a great week everyone! And if you happen to have good boy name ideas...

blooming illumination

Aren't these cool? I thought they would be great if you were transforming an empty space for your ceremony or reception. Situate one or two over the dance floor or the alter and you're all set! It may be a bit of an investment if you want more than one, but they would be beautiful over your dining room table too! Forever a great reminder of your wedding day. Love those. From Feel More Human.

english dept

Looking to cover your shoulders? Elizabeth Dye is your gal! I love the details and craftsmanship on these pieces. Check out the English Dept for more!

floral footsies

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Dell's parents were in town and we had a great time eating and chatting celebrating Dell's birthday... and eating. It was fabulous!
Since it was so nice this weekend, it had me thinking (daydreaming again) about sandals and warm weather. How 'bout these little beauties? Bows on your toes are classic, but flowers could be better! From Urban Minx.


Today I'm channeling the casual, laid back, bohemian vibe of summer, daydreaming on 75 degree evenings under the stars with chirping crickets, good friends and good food.... (those are daydreaming ellipses). All the jewelry at Puffluna has a similar unique, vintage, well-loved feel, perfect for any season, but particularly suited to my summer daydreams. The wrap bracelets are my favorite, but their selection is vast and all really beautiful. Check it out for gifts or for yourself!

tree and kimball

Tree and Kimball has some amazing hair accessories, each unique and edgy in a really feminine way. You know me, I'm a sucker for something new! Via Oh Joy. She finds the best stuff!

couture cookies

Gumdrop Cookie Shop has created a ton of new designs for their adorable cookies, including a bunch of different varieties for monograms and a specialty cookies for showers and engagement parties. The good folks at Gumdrop will also package these up for you to use as favors. Who wouldn't like a cookie?

to have and to hold

I have always been a fan of Prismera Jewelry, and designer Laura Su has recently released a new collection called "Hold". Yay! Each piece has a kind of rough, organic feel that, coupled with a few stones, makes a really stunning combination. In these tough times, the price is right too!

a real deal

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! It was so warm here that we went on walks, worked in the yard, took the dog to the park, all without coats! I'm tempted to think it's spring! Deep down, I kind of know better because it always snows once in April, always... Don't get me wrong, it's a good sign, but I'm not getting my hopes up about spring yet. It was a great preview though, and I can't wait for the real deal!
Speaking of the real deal... J. Crew has just come out with these beautiful new evening bags. They come in a nice variety of colors and they are actually a pretty good deal, which is a little unusual for J.Crew, which I sometimes find a little overpriced.


I received an email from Jess of Liebling Designs letting me know about her gorgeous jewelry and I thought I'd share them with you. I love the flowers, such a unique idea!

Something Blue?

If I were one of your bridesmaids, I would really like one of these as a thank you present for addressing all your invites, or picking your great aunt Sandy up at the airport, or just cuz. Lots of adorable options over at La Vita Lola, all really reasonably priced. La Vita Lola also takes special requests if you have something special in mind.

new ketubahs

I posted last year about New Ketubah's modern take on the marriage contract, and lots of you responded how happy you were to see a different take on this ancient tradition. Tsilli has just released several gorgeous new designs, and you're the first to know! I really love the sunburst one. I couldn't think of a better image for the beginning of a new life together. Thanks for the heads up Tsilli!

a personal favor

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and welcome to March! Only one month stands between me and springtime, and I cannot wait! In the mean time, we have 8 new inches of snow on the ground! Yippee.
I suppose I will bide my time searching for adorable handmade products on Etsy! Lucky for me I could distract myself for quite awhile over there... Among the many distractions are these handmade favors from Littleput. There's something so nice about a handmade favor (even if it isn't made by you), it just seems personal, you know? I love the rainbow of tiny boxes!