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peace, love, and j crew?

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! Looks like J. Crew is really letting it's inner hippie out, (in a good way). I love that they dipping their corporate toes into something a little couter-culture, (like a silver and yellow wedding dress!!!). Check out the ruffles white you're over there (no one can have just ONE!)


SimplyGrove on 12:19 AM

Lovely Blog!!!!!

Bedroom Talk on 3:53 AM

I love that first dress its simple but modern looking. Im doing full on research for weddings and praise the lord I found your and I LOVE it : )

Pencils on 10:26 AM

I love the fabrics on both those dresses, but they look like sacks. Or nightgowns. Who wants to dress like that on your wedding day? A column dress can be beautiful, but it needs a little tailoring to fit the body.

carrie on 9:03 AM

i adore the little applique flowers. so delightful! (i would want to try it on before ordering, tho. can't imagine a gown arriving in the mail.)

Joanna Goddard on 11:51 AM

wow. that top neckline is stunning.

Anonymous on 2:56 AM

I can't seem to find the first dress? It's not listed on the website. Anyone have any info?

Caroline on 2:34 PM

J Crew wedding dresses often sell out very, very quickly - and they don't restock styles. Once it's gone, it's gone. However, I had luck finding my J Crew Goddess gown from a few seasons ago on eBay in May for a mere $100! With some alterations - and ladies, all great gowns need some altering to look fantastic on you - it will fit like it was couture-made for me.