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custom cut

Joe Bagley emailed me the other day to let me know about his fabulous paper cut illustrations, all of which totally took my breath away. He specializes in custom creations, offering a paper cut illustration of the chapel you were married in, the park where you met, or a pattern that reflects your culture. His Mexican inspired illustrations are absoluteley amazing, as well as his circular, more art deco inspired pieces. A custom piece would be an amazing gift, husband to new wife, vice versa, or even as a first anniversary present. Check him out!

locket? love it.

I had no idea when I posted about vintage lockets as "bouquet charms" a few weeks ago that it was actually a THING. As it turns out, there's a wonderful artisan out there in Etsy-land who specializes in the production of this adorable little tradition-in-the-making. Lost and Fawned makes customizable lockets for your bouquet, and then they'll turn your bouquet locket into a necklace locket, complete with a customizable chain. It's a complete locket experience!

tea tin centerpieces

When I saw these tea tins posted on Decor 8 (one of my favorite bloggers), I immediately thought of a post I'd seen on Oh Joy! (another favorite!) about a year and a half ago of a Martha Stewart photo spread, in which several tea tins were used to create a homegrown looking flower arrangement. Until I read Holly's post, I had not known that these tins could be purchased for so little (most under $3), I thought they had to be collected or purchased at antiques stores. Turns out, they're readily available online at Pearl River, and we can all have them for a bargain. I love it when that happens! Centerpieces? I think I smell centerpieces.



I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend as much as I did! As much as I'm loving the PERFECT weather here, it's back to my computer for me.
If you're looking for a nice distraction to ease you back into work mode, check out these kitschy little baubles, each with it's own sense of charm. Perfect for a little "thank you" gift, or a meaningful (yet inexpensive) "thinking of you" gift. I love the dove hair pins, they'd look so pretty against dark hair! All at Eclectic Eccentricity.

the details

They aren't beaded or bowed or even embroidered, but they have amazing little details that make them unforgettable. I'm thinking bridal shower, bachelorette, or brunch. Mmmmm. Brunch. Karta and Hera, respectively.


If you're looking for a glamorous clutch, look no further. Featured in TONS of magazines, Monya has a beaded clutch for just about everyone. Some are more traditional, some are over the top, some retro, some with just a little edge (like the mother of pearl grid clutch above). I picked just a few of my favorites, but the choices are seemingly endless, and they come in lots of different colors. Thanks Elizabeth for the heads up!

peace, love, and j crew?

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! Looks like J. Crew is really letting it's inner hippie out, (in a good way). I love that they dipping their corporate toes into something a little couter-culture, (like a silver and yellow wedding dress!!!). Check out the ruffles white you're over there (no one can have just ONE!)

facing forward

Not only do I love this delicate fern-y millinery over at Mikiye, but I love where these are situated. Kind of like a hat, kind of like a flower by the ear. Why should beautiful hair accessories be hidden in the back? Bring 'em up front!

paper sculpture from molly jey

I have posters (in frames), I have postcards (tacked up on the wall), and I have snapshots (all over the place), but I have a soft spot in my heart for original artwork. I can never have too much of it, and I LOVE to support new artists, local artists... artists in general. So for me, there could be no better gift than an original, hand-made piece. Enter Molly Jey! Any of her brilliant paper sculptures would be a delightful and pleasantly surprising wedding gift. It may not be on the registry, but who could object?

I think the first anniversary gift (according to tradition) is supposed to be paper... Just a thought!

lacy lanterns

Burke Decor has these amazing little lanterns for sale that I think would be a perfect compliment to an outdoor buffet table, dramatic housing for a unity candle at your ceremony, or just a nice addition to your home. They come in three sizes, (small, medium, and large) starting at $30 for the smallest. As an added bonus, if you do decide to purchase these or any other item from Burke, you can get a free bath bomb as a thank you. Just enter the code BLAST at the check out. Thanks for the heads up Elise!


If you live anywhere near Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle, you have to stop by and try the Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcake for me. I saw their deeelicious work featured on Martha Stewart... and I MAY have drooled on the screen. Their website features amazing cupcake designs, all available for weddings... or your next sugar craving.

affordable. wedding. dresses.

The ever elusive trinity of wedding dress shopping:
1) Affordability (Yes, you love that $6,000 gown from Reem Acra, but you can't actually GET it).
2) Stylishness (Sure, finding an affordable dress is easy. If you're looking for a poofy tulle skirt with a side of poofy tulle sleeves).
3) Quality. (nuff said)

Yay Nordstrom's for scoring 3 out of 3 for all the above options. I chose my favorites of many.

double duty

In addition to providing guests with a little shade during a sunny ceremony, a collection of these colorful parasols hanging from the ceiling would make beautiful decorations at a bridal shower. Hang all different colors at varying heights for a really stunning centerpiece over the main table. I love the idea of using these twice, once as decorations at the shower, and then again for shade at the ceremony. Thrifty and crafty! OH, yeah.

wooden clutch

I'm digging the stenciled details on these wooden Tivi Sari Maple Handbags. The bent wood is so elegant, and the shape is timeless.
Available at Composition.

jewels for a rainy morning

I'm feeling the Bollywood/Art Deco opulence vibe on this dreary morning. Love the first set, in the top left corner (they also come in blue). All from Ethnic Rocks, who offer a nice selection of quality at an affordable price. Check them out if you're looking for something unique and feminine with an exotic twist.

vintage lockets

I'm not sure when lockets went out of style... I know I used to be fascinated with them when I was little. I always thought they had a really mysterious, romantic quality that was very appealing to me. When I stumbled across the vintage locket collection over at vintage rehab, I couldn't help but try and resurrect this old tradition. I thought they could be wonderfully re-purposed wrapped around your bridal bouquet with pictures of you and your fiance, or an image of someone special who you'd like close to your heart on your wedding day.

ab imo pectore

I must apologize for the late hour of my post today. I usually post in the evening and upload around midnight so that everyone has something to read over their morning coffee. Last night however, my allergies were kicking my butt and I took a couple benadryl around 9, and that was it for me... TKO until 8 am. I swear the only reason benadryl works is because you are too passed out to notice your itchy eyes and runny nose.
Anyway! I've been meaning to post about these fabulous sterling silver pendants I saw over at Brooklyn Bride, and thought today would be the day. They are engraved with the phrase "ab imo pectore", meaning "from the bottom of my heart". You can even engrave some initials or a date free of charge. I thought they'd be a perfect gift (day-of) from the groom to the bride or vice versa. Available at Supermarket.

amsale, spring 2009 highlights

Three of my absolute favorites from Amsale's Spring 2009 Collection. The bottom one is SO Grace Kelly. All image from

changing the present

Say you have your china, you don't want any linen, or you're just looking for something with a meaningful twist for your registry. Changing the Present offers a unique selection of “charitable gifts” from hundreds of leading nonprofits that reach out to the world and make a difference. Register to give a girl her first book. Feed a hungry baby for 2 months. Rescue an animal. Keep a child warm. Build a playground. You register for these things, and your guests pay for them. Prices range to suit your broke friends ($10) or your wealthy auntie ($500).