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paper sculpture from molly jey

I have posters (in frames), I have postcards (tacked up on the wall), and I have snapshots (all over the place), but I have a soft spot in my heart for original artwork. I can never have too much of it, and I LOVE to support new artists, local artists... artists in general. So for me, there could be no better gift than an original, hand-made piece. Enter Molly Jey! Any of her brilliant paper sculptures would be a delightful and pleasantly surprising wedding gift. It may not be on the registry, but who could object?

I think the first anniversary gift (according to tradition) is supposed to be paper... Just a thought!


Kayla Sheeley on 2:44 AM

Hello! I just have to tell you that I love your blog SO much. I'm planning my wedding right now and your blog is such a wonderful resource! I don't think I could ever find any of the things that you do on my own.. lol


Kayla Sheeley on 2:46 AM

Sorry I could figure out how to change my comment. I left the wrong URL on my name.. eek Sorry!

del on 8:48 AM

Wow, these are absolutely gorgeous!

Pencils on 9:37 AM

Yes, the first anniversary is paper. I wish I could come up with something good for my husband, our anniversary is only two weeks away! He's difficult to buy for--the sort of guy who doesn't want a lot of "stuff," so when he does want something, he goes out and buys it. (Including right before his birthday, last year.)

Fabulously Broke on 11:14 AM

They are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!