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double duty

In addition to providing guests with a little shade during a sunny ceremony, a collection of these colorful parasols hanging from the ceiling would make beautiful decorations at a bridal shower. Hang all different colors at varying heights for a really stunning centerpiece over the main table. I love the idea of using these twice, once as decorations at the shower, and then again for shade at the ceremony. Thrifty and crafty! OH, yeah.


style-ish on 12:13 AM

ooh these are perfect for my destination wedding! Love the flower print on them.

Anna on 11:07 AM

I was admiring the paper parasols at Luna Bazaar just yesterday ( They're simpler than these ones, but more affordable too, and there's a huge selection!

Dynamite Weddings on 1:05 PM

A recent bride on the Dynamite Weddings team stumbled across Bella Umbrella, which sends you these chic mail order pieces at a reasonable price. Check out the pics from her wedding! Even the inside of the umbrellas are detailed and add unique elements to the photos. (

Ashley L. on 9:56 PM

oh how i love that blue one! too pretty! i actually wish i could have used this somewhere in my last post, its all on varying shades of blue. thank you for sharing and stop by if you get a chance! :)