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If you're looking for a glamorous clutch, look no further. Featured in TONS of magazines, Monya has a beaded clutch for just about everyone. Some are more traditional, some are over the top, some retro, some with just a little edge (like the mother of pearl grid clutch above). I picked just a few of my favorites, but the choices are seemingly endless, and they come in lots of different colors. Thanks Elizabeth for the heads up!


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 9:19 AM

wow, I LOVE the mother of pearl grid clutch! my mind immediately started making up scenarios I could use it in. :)

Lara@ Southern Wedding Style Magazine on 10:36 AM

oooh- I want them all! These are perfect for the bride and perfect for me on a jeans and t-shirt night out!

joyce@ bliss event group on 1:28 AM

i just love these! i must have at least one :)