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the details

They aren't beaded or bowed or even embroidered, but they have amazing little details that make them unforgettable. I'm thinking bridal shower, bachelorette, or brunch. Mmmmm. Brunch. Karta and Hera, respectively.


Helen on 5:44 AM

Love the yo-yo dress. Really delicate and happy-making. I want it I want it. I will have to make it. I think this would be perfect for my morning-after brunch dress. Will get cracking on a design!

Pencils on 8:56 AM

Both are so lovely! Wow, it's frustrating to see gorgeous dresses when you're getting hugely pregnant. ;)

Madelyn @ Southern Wedding Style on 10:13 AM

I absolutely adore these two dresses! They are precious. After seeing these pictures, I have officially decided that I need them.

Dani Ross on 11:09 AM

LOVE the hera rose bib dress!! great find!

Anonymous on 2:02 PM

Am I the only idiot who wouldn't - nay, couldn't - spend $440 for a shower dress?! Yeesh!

Crystal on 5:10 PM

Definitely out of my price range...but very cute. Love the rose bib dress. It would be perfect for a spring/summer shower.

Joanna Goddard on 11:51 AM

very pretty. love the bottom one especially.

Ashley L. on 12:59 PM

these are quite possibley my favorite dresses of all time. they are a mix of my favorite things:

1. doilies
2. lace
3. white & off white
4. dainty dresses with a vintage feel

LOVE THEM! thank you for sharing! :)