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tea tin centerpieces

When I saw these tea tins posted on Decor 8 (one of my favorite bloggers), I immediately thought of a post I'd seen on Oh Joy! (another favorite!) about a year and a half ago of a Martha Stewart photo spread, in which several tea tins were used to create a homegrown looking flower arrangement. Until I read Holly's post, I had not known that these tins could be purchased for so little (most under $3), I thought they had to be collected or purchased at antiques stores. Turns out, they're readily available online at Pearl River, and we can all have them for a bargain. I love it when that happens! Centerpieces? I think I smell centerpieces.



Bedroom Talk on 2:53 AM

I have a bunch of those tins laying around and I couldn't bring myself to throw them away lol

would you like to link? Your on my already : )

P on 7:56 AM

OMG! I have a shower coming up :D these would be so cute to display flowers in.. <3

Inspired Events By Nycia on 9:21 AM

I love the tin centerpieces!! Reminds me of a spring brunch.

Brant & Julie on 3:46 PM

YAY! I'm so glad to hear that these are available to buy :) I, too, thought that hours of antique shopping were the only way to get my hands on these fun tins. Thanks, Mackenzie!!!!

Dana on 1:06 AM

Those are really pretty.

Fabulously Broke on 11:13 AM

This is such a GREAT idea

I'm linking this in my next round of link love - I think it's a fab idea for wedding centerpieces

Newport Weddings on 5:11 PM

Such a Great Green Idea!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou on 1:29 PM

this is such a great post - i'm so glad i can buy the tins at Pearl River...some places charge SO much for them!!
xo alison

Kendel on 1:12 AM

I came searching for Tea Tins as I really want them for centre pieces for me August Wedding (located in a Barn) and Im So happy to hav found this post - as I thought too I would have to antique them all!
THANKS for the help!

fit2AT on 8:30 AM

I am so excited at this great find! One question before I place my order for an onslaught of the Pearl River tins – are they tall enough? They look maybe 5" or so. Is this tall enough to place some good blooms in, as in the Martha photo? Any height variety with these?

Michelle on 11:00 AM

What a great resource--thanks for the tip on where to find the tins! Shopping at places like World Market and ethnic grocery stores just got a new twist.

Cory on 2:06 PM

Hi, can you tell me how big these tins are? I'm doing something similar for my wedding, except i'm putting plants in the tins instead of cut flowers, and i'm wondering if these would be big enough. They are so pretty, though!