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lacy lanterns

Burke Decor has these amazing little lanterns for sale that I think would be a perfect compliment to an outdoor buffet table, dramatic housing for a unity candle at your ceremony, or just a nice addition to your home. They come in three sizes, (small, medium, and large) starting at $30 for the smallest. As an added bonus, if you do decide to purchase these or any other item from Burke, you can get a free bath bomb as a thank you. Just enter the code BLAST at the check out. Thanks for the heads up Elise!


Anonymous on 11:27 PM

These are beautiful. I would love to buy a pair and put them in a foyer or on the steps of a front porch. I love the intricate design. What are they made of?

missanna on 12:20 PM

loving them. they have that old time milk glass feel of sorts. want them all.
- oh, and the detailed description states that they are made of out porcelain.
peace and what a find

P on 8:01 PM

I adore milk glass! Almost as much as I adore your blog! I'm starting my own blog inpired by yours and I would love for you to check it out!

I don't have many posts but I am plannig to post three times a day!
Love you!

Courtney on 9:05 PM

My mom gave us one of those lanterns for a wedding gift and it is beautiful!