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I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend as much as I did! As much as I'm loving the PERFECT weather here, it's back to my computer for me.
If you're looking for a nice distraction to ease you back into work mode, check out these kitschy little baubles, each with it's own sense of charm. Perfect for a little "thank you" gift, or a meaningful (yet inexpensive) "thinking of you" gift. I love the dove hair pins, they'd look so pretty against dark hair! All at Eclectic Eccentricity.


The Sun Kissed Me on 11:30 PM

Ooh. I want them so badly. But I haven't the money. I'm very into accesories right now.

Dana on 8:13 PM

They all so cute. You might be able to find antique ones at the thrift store or at a local garage sale.

Critsey on 5:37 PM

Those are so sweet! They have a nice vintage feel.