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These are paper. 'Nuf said.
From The Green Vase. Via Oh Happy Day!

by candle light

These waldorf star lanterns would be adorable in different sizes running down the center of a long table or as part of an assymetrical centerpiece. Maybe best with LED lights rather than candles? The floating acorn cap candles were just too cute to pass up. Both items from Green Baboon.

summer face

It is so hot here. So hot. I normally have fun with my makeup in the morning - eye liner and I have a history of good times together - but lately it's been all about making my skin look nice without using anything unecessary. Nothing worse than makeup sliding around on your face on a hot day!
I've found a couple great products recently (mainly from watching Pixiwoo) that work perfectly for hot weather and that I have been absolutely loving.
1) Makeup Forever HD Concealer. Looks so natural on, stays on.
2) Hoola bronzer. I try to get as little sun as possible on my face, but I really don't dig the vampire look. Bronzer is my friend. This stuff is awesome because it's got no shine to it and it's super sheer. It's the most natural looking bronzer I've ever tried.
3) Pixi Lip Blush. I really hate it when I'm driving with the windows down and my hair gets stuck in my lip gloss. This Lip "blush" is exactly like a magic marker for your lips. Not sticky, not drying, and stains your lips a delightfully natural shade for a few hours. Really great for summer. I have this in Purity, and would highly recommend it.
Anyone else have hot weather recommends? I'd love to hear them, and I'm sure the summer brides out there would be greatful! Stay cool everybody!

peppermint pretty!

Pretty! These custom vintage-style dresses would go perfectly with yesterday's vintage hair-do tutorials! By Peppermint Pretty.

hair how-to's

Hair stylist Johnny Lavoy posts how-to's for the Betty Page bang and the Veronica Lake wave. I've always wondered. Now I know! Very useful if you are planning to do your own hair, or, better yet, watch with a friend and have her do it!

Carol Hannah Wedding

I've posted about Carol Hannah (of Project Runway fame) for her bridesmaids designs before, (so beautiful!). Her wedding gowns are just as amazing! I love the draping on the one shouldered ones. Love.

vintage stamps!

People always ask me where they can get vintage stamps (a la all the Martha Stewart Weddings invitation layouts). They can be tricky to find, especially in the right quantities and in nice combinations. That said... I give you Verde Studio. Specializing in just this sort of thing for wedding invitations, announcements or other special post. Have fun searching the amazing inventory!

love buttons

Are you especially bookish? Are you in need of wedding favors? This idea's for you! These adorable little buttons are made from an old dictionary, all featuring a different romantic word. Such an awesome idea, from Button Empire.

experimanicure, update

So my experimanicure had an up side and a down side. The manicure looked absolutely flawless for about a week and a half. At that point, it started to look a little grown out at the nail bed, (I had some serious half-moons going on). I also noticed that the polish started to get a little soft around the edges, where previously it had been rock solid. It seemed to be almost melting, but not in a gross way. I ended up picking at it slightly, and the varnish just peeled off in one piece. This is both good and bad. It didn't last as long as I expected, but on the other hand, I didn't have to return to the salon to have it removed which I was expecting to have to do. It was also starting to look weird because it was grown out, and I didn't really want it on there anymore anyway. I would make sure next time that I asked the technician to get as close to the nail bed as she could with the polish to make it last that much longer, and I would choose a lighter color so that the half moons were less noticeable.
SO, that being said. I would do it again. It looked super for a week and half, which is like 4 times longer than my manicures usually last. All in all, I think that this kind of manicure will totally replace the regular kind for me. It's just a better deal!

for lots of buds

These made me smile this morning. They'd be adorable as simple centerpieces at an outdoor wedding. All from Urban Outfitters. All very nicely priced. Via Oh, Happy Day!


I've been wanting to post about Fashionface for a while. Made up of Nicole and Samantha Chapman, (two sisters who happen to be professional make-up artists), is a collection of make-up tutorials ranging from simply beautiful to wildly creative. I have been addicted to watching their segments for a week and a half, but I just can't seem to get a good screen shot! Every time I try I get half closed eyes, mid-vowel face. I finally just decided to post without the screen shots, hoping that you'll take a look see for yourself! Could come in very handy if you're looking to get creative with your bridal makeup!