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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.

favor tins

Wouldn't these make an amazing favor display? Japanese chiyogami tins from Gamiworks seller on Etsy. I'd fill them with jelly beans or something small and sweet, and line them up exactly like this on a table for guests to take.

feathery fun

Check out the amazing fascinators and hair accessories over at Lo Boheme on Etsy. I love the feathery look!

cabin fever

I think I have the fever. The cabin fever. I'm dying to open my windows, feel a cool breeze, eat some fresh, ripe fruit (thanks to this this post by Cannelle et Vanille) smell grass! If only...
Alas, I think we're getting another 10 inches of snow before the end of the day Wednesday, that means I will have to travel far and wide for the cure to my fever. On the plus side, I did find some amazing deals on flights to California this afternoon... there may be a vacation in my future?? I hope.
In the mean time, I'm entertaining myself by looking for stylish conflict-free engagement rings for a newly engaged reader, Cami (congrats!). Sarah Perlis makes a few of my absolute favorites, some are even made with recycled gold. Love the rough cut stone!

real simple weddings

If I had to create an SAT-style statement about it, I'd say that the Real Simple Weddings book is to wedding planning what the Domino Book of Decorating is to modern decor. It's kind of a general guide that explains the principals behind planning a beautiful wedding, rather than recommending specific products that are too expensive for the average bride to afford. I find this sort of advice more helpful anyway, don't you? It's a little on the small side, as I would like even more information, but for the price, it's totally worth it. The floral section is amazing!

cake inspiration!

From the Cakegirls. These girls know how to make a cake! If you're looking for a little inspiration for your cake, look no further. If you're lucky enough to live in Chicago, give these girls a call!

locket love.

I love this! Lockets are one of my favorite things to give, or get... and I have my eye on this one.

peacock dishes

Making me wish Anthropologie had a registry service... These are so me.

grass-friendly sandals

My favorite grass-friendly sandals for outdoor weddings this spring! If you're looking for a heel, the turquoise wedges are just the right mix of dressy and dainty (from Lily Pulitzer). Both the flats would look amazing with a flowy grecian dress... The first ones are quite affordable, from Jessica Bennett. The second ones are Stuart Weitzman, and perhaps my favorite pair of the three, so delicate and feminine. Not a single stick-in-the-mud in the crowd!

modern romance

We all need a little Modern Romance, no? Check out their amazing wraps, veils, and wedding accessories if you're looking to add a little somethin' to your ensemble. Love!

white on white?

White on white wedding cake has gone from chic, to passe, to chic again. I'm fully embracing it, but only if it's as elegant and creative as this one. What about you? White cake? Colorful cake? What are you planning?
Lighter than air cake by Ruth Drennan.

handmade with love.

Don't miss the fantastic love and wedding themed market this month at Poppytalk Handmade. Love the necklaces by finch metal, the cake topper by emilie friday and the adorable paraphernalia by paraphernalia. Stop by for Valentine's Day presents, wedding ideas, or something for yourself... but do it soon! The best stuff always sells out fast. Happy hunting!

monday mood enhancer

It's cold and damp here, and the ground is covered with snow. We're just getting started with winter, and I'm just starting to get tired of it! These cakes by Ana Parzych are a much needed breath of springtime for a cold Monday morning, and they're just a few of many on Ana's new website. I love the pink one on the top, so cheerful and delicate!

new from the crew

I've made a habit of posting when J.Crew puts out new wedding gowns... they always seem to come up with something interesting, something just left of center. They haven't disappointed me yet!

anna elyse

You know me, I don't usually post about the whole matchy-matchy bridesmaid thing. I tend to prefer a little more style leeway than the typical bridesmaid's dress line offers. Anna Elyse however, makes just truly elegant, beautifully tailored dresses that I would wear even IF it meant I had to dress identically to 7 other women. Anna Elyse also makes any of their silhouettes into wedding gowns, which especially intrigues me in the case of the one shoulder, Brigitte Bardot dress above. Imagine that in thick ivory satin... hot.


I love mobiles. Its probably some leftover fascination from childhood, but I don't care. I think they're gorgeous.
I saw these over at Oh Joy! and was instantly smitten. Wouldn't one of the smaller ones make a fantastic gift? Or hung over the cake table at the wedding reception, then later hung in the house as a beautiful reminder of the wedding? Awesome. By Frazier & Wing.

cool blog!

The newest addition to my blogroll, and my newest addiction. Oh So Beautiful Paper satisfies the design snob, the paper fiend and the wedding buff inside me. What more can you ask for?

a feast for the eyes

I'm back from a decadent 2 weeks of family celebrations. I'm an overstuffed, yet well rested version of myself, so I thought I'd start the year out with a little feasting that doesn't involve huge amount of calories.
The images above all from David Stark, master of event design. I love how he adds light to ordinary materials like paper and paint cans (!) to create something truly magical. I adore the bouquet at the top, and wonder, in a twisted-glutton-for-punishment kind of way, how long it might take me to make one for myself? Hmmmm.

new for 2009!

Yes! You're still on Something Old, Something New. We've just gotten a little bit of a face lift. The hubs toiled away all day today and yesterday getting the re-designed template uploaded into Blogger. For those of you who work with Blogger, you know that this is not the easiest thing to do. But, after much cursing and coding, it's up! I hope you like it! I'll be back with all new posts on Monday, Happy New Year!!!