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jewels for a rainy morning

I'm feeling the Bollywood/Art Deco opulence vibe on this dreary morning. Love the first set, in the top left corner (they also come in blue). All from Ethnic Rocks, who offer a nice selection of quality at an affordable price. Check them out if you're looking for something unique and feminine with an exotic twist.


perfect bound on 8:17 AM

so sassy. i would wear them with jeans and let my ears steal the show.

Carlo on 6:11 AM

Good Job! :)

Anonymous on 8:26 PM

hello there!

this site's so interesting! i have been a lurker since before. i need your help! im getting married on january, everything's set, but i have this one problem that keeps buggin' afraid that i won't be able to wear earrings on my wedding day...i am allergic to nickel. it all started when i tried wearing those fancy long earrings. and now, can't wear anything. i think the tiny whole in my ears are already closed as i am not wearing earrings for quite sometime. i tried wearing clip earrings, but it felt uncomfortable due to its tightness. and it hurts. any suggestions? im thinking of a hair do that won't require any earrings, as the hair do and hair accessory would make it complete. thanks guys!