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If you live anywhere near Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle, you have to stop by and try the Chocolate Graham Cracker Cupcake for me. I saw their deeelicious work featured on Martha Stewart... and I MAY have drooled on the screen. Their website features amazing cupcake designs, all available for weddings... or your next sugar craving.


andrea jean on 11:33 PM

trophy cupcakes are yummy! haven't tried the chocolate graham cracker variety yet, though ...

Kat on 10:14 AM

I live 8 blocks from them. Their cupcakes sure are delicious!

Bella Signature Design on 9:19 PM

Yes, our design studio is (unfortunately for my waistline) very close to them - HEAVEN! I don't know what they do to those cupcakes, but they are incredible, exquisite little morsels of deliciousness! I love taking my brides there for tastings (not that I don't already know what they taste like but duty calls!) ;)
Bella Signature Design

Bliss Event Group on 10:38 AM

Wow, these are delightful!

Wedding Inspirations on 2:27 PM

I am lucky enough to live in Seattle (where the weather is just GORGEOUS today, incidentally!) and do love the chocolate graham cracker cupcake there. That said, my all-time favorite is the lemon strawberry!

My mom and I actually ordered my wedding dress from a shop a few blocks away and then stopped off for cupcakes afterwards (I mean, I don't have to fit into the dress just yet--haha)!

Dana on 9:30 PM

Those cupcakes are pretty.

Laura N on 1:37 PM

My new wedding dessert obsession has been cupcakes, and these look scrumptious! Yummy... thanks for the blog!

Laura N.

Christy on 3:57 PM

Trophy cupcakes are soooooooo yummy! I bought a dozen of them yesterday for my best friend's birthday BBQ, and had to get one extra so I could eat it on the way home! =) I love the tropical hummingbird flavor- it has cream cheese frosting that knocks my socks off!