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the many faces of procrastination

Ok, so this post really has nothing to do with weddings. I might suggest that if you are stressed out by your wedding or if you need a break from it, this is a fun thing to do for a laugh. You go to this site, upload a photo of yourself, and it shows you how you would look with all different hair-do's from the past. I was dying when I saw the afro-poof one. It doesn't even reach it's full funny potential unless you've seen pictures of my mother in the seventies. I do not have clearance to post those photos, but lets just say that the apple? She doesn't fall far from the tree. Via Amanda at The Blissful Bride.

no wilt flowers

Can you believe these are made of clay? DK Floral Designs offers the most amazing clay florals I've ever seen. Not only would they be perfect for your wedding day, but they'll stay perfect every day after that!

anthropologie earrings

Our house guests left this morning, and I've been recovering from Saturday's ultra-dinner all day on the couch. There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday on the sectional! I came across these gorgeous earrings over at Anthropologie. I love them all, but I think my favorites are the dainty navy blue stones. They would look so lady-like with an updo! Almost as good as Sunday on the couch.

guess who's coming for dinner?

My husband's parents, my brother-in-law and his wife and their new baby are coming to stay with us for the next few days, so I'm signing off for the weekend to prep the homestead for visitors and to spend time with the fam. I'll leave you with a link to one of my favorite recent posts in the bloggin-hood. A Providence Design Guide! It's so nice to see a mention of my new city on D*S, one of my absolute favorite blogs.

bluefly finds

I had one of those really frustrating days where nothing went my way and everything was three times harder than it needed to be. In the midst of the rottenness, Deirdre pointed me in the direction of Bluefly and these gorgeous dresses. I can't believe I never thought to look there before! My favorites were these short dresses, perfect for cutting a rug at the reception. My day always brightens a little I find something fun to share. Thanks DD!

inspiration in bulk

Straight from Monique Lhuillier's RTW runway to my blog, to your inspiration board. That's service! I love the teal dress in combo with the red, and I LOVE the tea length gown with the black overlay. They're all stunning, I love them all! I'd never be able to choose.

dori & viv

Introducing Dori & Viv, a brand new Etsy shop focused on heirloom quality, vintage inspired millinery. They use a really beautiful range of unique and inventive materials, and their first 11 customers will be getting a gift! Yay!


Love Etsy! I found these while searching for vintage-y wedding stuff for inspiration for the new Kenzie Kate stuff (having so much fun designing new stuff this year!). Amanda from Design Whimsy is making one-off boutonnieres, using recycled and reclaimed vintage bits and pieces to create these beautiful boots. I love the idea of all your special guys getting their own unique creation. Shop here for more options!


cuties for your cake

I saw the work of Jennifer Murphy on Design*Sponge this morning, and couldn't wait to pass the word on. There are quite a few talented crafters making adorable little cake toppers out there, these are among the best! So CUTE!

girl's graphics

Maybe it's because I've been working a lot on the graphic elements for Kenzie Kate's 2009 collection, but I'm a little obsessed with these graphic dresses from Anthropologie. I LOVE the sweater dress with the swans on it. Please, someone snag that and wear it to your rehearsal, your bridal shower, your wedding brunch, it's too perfect.

who woodn't want one?

I love Jamali Garden for their affordable decor and polished style. These wooden containers would be beautiful as part of a centerpiece, or a buffet. They'd also be right at home on my coffee table, which is exactly where I think one of those bamboo bowls are headed.

new crew

I have a soft spot in my heart for J Crew wedding gowns. They are often quite quirky and they always seem to have pockets. I like that they take risks with their designs and are constantly coming out with new things. Their newest offerings are a really svelte and highly tailored jacquard gown and a silky strapless number with the cutest little berry detailing on the top. I love either for a winter wedding. I'd pair the top one with a short Jackie O. style, 3/4 sleeve cardigan in something rich and fuzzy with little sparkly details. The bottom one with maybe a long, sheer scarf wrapped around the neck in loose layers and draped in back, so the berries can peek thru.

sweet nothings

Above:Betsey Johnson Microsatin & Tulle Slip
Betsey Johnson Tricot Chemise

While I love the idea of a little somethin' special for the wedding night, I often HATE the stuff in the lingerie boutique at most department stores. LACE everywhere, RUFFLES where no one needs ruffles. And I never understood those teeny tiny little bows between the cups of all the bras. Why are they so little? Is it to make the surrounding landscape seem more impressive? Anyway... doesn't matter. I did a little round up in hopes of finding some nice lingerie. Found some!

Above: Oscar de la Renta 'Check Mate' Windowpane Chemise
Betsey Johnson Pleated Babydoll Chemise with Thong

Above: Betsey Johnson Floral Babydoll Chemise
Oscar de la Renta 'Simply Sweet' Chemise

the old is new again

Nothing like a trip to the antique market to find exciting "new" shapes for jewelry. I love the navy and white enamel ring in the corner. All from The Three Graces, all as dainty and delicate as can be.

maria pinto

I was stumbling around on the internet, as per usual, and discovered the amazing website of Maria Pinto, (aka, The Woman Who Makes Michelle Obama Look As Fabulous As She Is). She has some amazing shawls and cover-up type things that might be just the thing to top off your wedding ensemble. Stumbled upon over at The Bridal Wishlist.

fancy for fall

Marchesa's gowns are really genius in my opinion. So much of their stuff is just so unique and so utterly wearable. Two of my favorites for fall, from Bergdorf's.

a familiar thought process

I heart these. They'd look amazing against the back drop of some dark brown hair. I have dark brown hair... hmmm... may have to start saving my pennies.


Laura Su from Prismera emailed me the other day to let me know about her amazing new collection, Noctiflora, based on night blooming flowers. I've been following Laura since she started offering her amazing botantical jewelry. She's incredibly talented and someone who's aesthetic I really admire. On top of it all, she's offering a special gift promotion while supplies last, a grey pearl necklace with every purchase during the month of September. I don't know about you but I don't think I'd even need a free necklace to talk me into the Primrose, the Yucca, or the Moonvine. They're just so pritty!

finding your way home again

My mom got my sister one of these compass necklaces from Individual Icons when she left for San Francisco, (so that she would always be able to find her way home). GO EAST! I thought they would make an adorable gift for anyone going far from home or planning a big trip. And they work! My sister loves hers.

bklyn pillows!

Your good friend and mine, Vané from Brooklyn Bride has launched into business with her adorable ring pillows! Bklyn Pillow is her online shop, stop by for a peek at all her gorgeous handmade pillows. Go Vané!