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Learn the 4 C's of diamonds at Abazias.


I linked to KEP thru one of my favorite new reads, Fly. Love the beads! I feel like I need a crisp, belted shirt-dress and a pair of big shades to really rock these to the fullest. Perhaps maybe a sheath with a big pattern? Perhaps a shopping trip is in order?


In the mean time... Sergio Rossi and his shoes need your attention. They are too cute to be ignored. Perhaps you will take them to a party?



Check me out! I get to write the guest blog over at Design*Sponge, just like all the cool kids! All this week, I'm rockin the DS. Come and visit!


More great steals over at Nordstroms. I love the Grecian style one, it reminds me of the Marchesa gown Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars. The short little ruffle dress would be great for a casual courthouse affair or a chic loft event. I'm seeing cala lilies...


More beautiful eye candy, this time in the way of some elegant cakes from Layers Wedding Cake Design. I love the palette on the first cake and the graphic starbursts on the second one are right up my alley. Check out Layers' cake gallery for many more amazing cakes and lots of inspiration.

floral inspiration

Today, a break from chit-chat to focus on the eye-candy. I first saw Krislyn's work over at Hostess With the Mostess, and couldn't believe their inspired creations. Not only does Krislyn work with flowers to create gorgeous center pieces and bouquets, but they actually create their own flowers too!


new stuff at rockett

Jane at Rockett St. George emailed me last week about some lovely new stuff they have at their online shop. I picked out two of my favorite pieces to share, but there are so many things to love. Don't miss their fabulous lighting section, they have great lampshades!

sweet tooth, continued

Not that we've been at a loss for cookies around here lately, but I came across these via Love Made Visible, and I couldn't resist. I can't get over how precise and perfect the lettering is! How the heck do they do that? From Meli & Angie in NYC. If you're in the tristate area and are in need of some sweet little favors give them a ring!
In the mean time, Saro has been looking for an indie company that makes macarons for wedding favors... Anyone?

happy feet

Oh, J. Crew. You make my feet look forward to parties.

one girl, lots of cookies

I stumbled across One Girl Cookies in my travels today and fell in love with her adorable favor presentations. Little did I know she's based right in my old backyard in Brooklyn. As much as I love Providence so far, I haven't got my local chops up enough yet to support my new local vendors. So I'll support my old local vendors.

jeanine payer

Something a little different to consider for your wedding band, from Jeanine Payer. Each has its own saying engraved into the surface. My favorite is the saying on the Infinity-G ring (above) "Quietly now, the dreams are sleeping now it is time to live." I love that. All available at Ylang, Ylang.

ooo, shiny!

Maybe a little eye candy to send you off on your weekend properly? I'm looking forward to a break from the heat and a nice, relaxing Father's Day weekend with the fam. Eye candy provided by Abigail Percy, via Etsy.

designer cakes

Something about Erica O'Brien's cakes just sing to the graphic designer in me. These are two of my new favorites, but all of her cakes are so creative and different. If you're in the Long Beach, California, lucky you!

variations on a theme

Can't you just picture your closest friends and your sisters in these dresses? I'm thinking they would be a perfect mix-and-match set for some very chic bridesmaids. All from Anthropologie, all under $200 each.


Sometimes I run across something that's just plain cool, but not necessarily wedding-cool. So if you'll tolerate my illustration-dork side for today, you might get something totally kewl for your walls at the same time! I came across Charmingwall via the daily blog over at Stlyehive, Hive Daily. I came for the delicious illustrative prints, I stayed for prices! Each print is only $20 (wow). My favorite was this one from Evan B. Harris, entitled Whale & Innards. Which incidentally, has a noteably romantic theme... nudge. nudge. Not so far off the wedding path after all!

bubble hem

The bubble hem is one of those things that doesn't make sense on paper, but is magic in real life. I love the full skirt in combo with the empire waist! The green would be sublime for a rehearsal or a bridesmaid's dress. I found both at this little gem of an online clothing shop, Scarpe, during my online weekend exploits (trying to escape the brutal heat). If you're in the Northeast today, think cool thoughts! We're going to need them.


anthro bathing suits
I can't tell you how happy I am that they're making interesting one-piece bathing suits again. For a while there it was touch-and-go, with the tankinis and the bikinis and all the other 'kinis. These beauties from Anthropologie would be perfect for your honeymoon, or my summer vacation. Either one.


Today! Today is the day Kenzie Kate Invitations will be featured on Today! All my friends and family with TiVo or DVR are under strict orders to record between the hours of 7 and 10 AM, just in case I happen to miss it. Although, I can't for the life of me imagine why I would miss it. It's The TODAY Show! I'm not missing it. I think they are going to feature the Palm Springs, but I guess I'll just have to tune in to find out!

gumdrops? no, cookies.

Love these stylish little cookies from Gumdrop Cookie Shop. Their vanilla sugar cookies come frosted in a variety of pretty patterns, or you can have some custom made to suite your wedding theme. They'll make perfect little favors or a stunning tray on the dessert buffet.

french general

I keep finding these amazing little notions at French General, and I want desperately to use them for something artsy. I'd like to use the straw posies above to make some sort of hair accessory. I think they could also be adorable additions to a bouquet, just to give it that extra little something special. The glass petals would make an amazing addition to a boutonniere to up the formality quotient. I'd love to hear what you might all use these beauties for!