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funky oysters*

The nice ladies over at Funky Oysters would like to offer SO, SN readers a big fat 20% Mother's Day discount on their beautiful freshwater pearl jewelry. The Adrienne is my favorite, followed closely by the Eve. Aside from Mother's Day gifts, I think both would be wonderful and wearable bridesmaid's gifts. The price is right, especially with the discount code below.

Mother's Day Sale coupon code: JUST4MOM07
Expires 05/31/07

*I was going to try and think up something quippy for the title involving that old saying. The one about the pearls, and the swine? How does that one go? And what the heck does it mean? And while we're talking about swine, what's with the "sow's ear" saying? How does that one go? What's that one mean? I'm full of unanswered questions.


Deanna on 8:21 AM

Don't cast your pearls before swine.

Which is a variation of the Bible quote from Matthew 7:6. Though I really don't know what it means scholarly to me it was always a message warning about putting things that are fancy before things you need for survival. [Priorities!]

But mostly it is a GREAT comic...

The necklace is GORGEOUS! Thanks for passing it along!

Bridget on 10:32 AM

I think pearls before swine connotes putting something of value in front of someone or something who doesn't know its worth.

There's an anecdote about Clare Booth Luce and Dorothy Parker: supposedly they came to the door of a restaurant at the same time once. Luce stepped aside and motioned for Parker to go first, saying "Age before beauty" with a simper. Parker strode through the door and said to Luce "Pearls before swine." Love it!!

mo on 1:08 PM

You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.
I'd say it means that the final product is only as good as the ingredients you begin with.How true! And, thanks to the ladies at Funky Oysters! What mom (or bridesmaid) wouldn't want one of these lovely creations?