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a match made in... New England

lobster dress from J Crew
About a week ago, I got an email from Betsy, who wanted to know what she should wear to a "casual lobster-boil picnic" the day after her wedding on Cape Cod this summer. Well, Betsy, I stumbled across this LOBSTER DRESS from J. Crew today, and I really don't think you could possibly find anything more appropriate. It's summery, it's light, it's got a pretty shape, and IT HAS LOBSTERS ALL OVER IT! I like to get a little cheeky with my clothing now and then, and don't take myself too seriously, so I would wear The Lobster Dress. No doubt. But if, if you happen to think The Lobster Dress is too much, I would suggest another summery option of the same shape and origin.


Helen on 5:56 AM

Oh my goodness. I want, I want it BAD! Living in the UK sucks sometimes!! Any chance we can do a swop - marks and spencer underwear, boden knitwear, perhaps?! My left kidney?

Joy on 10:41 AM

Must have the gorgeous dress on the right!! So beautiful!!

kerri on 6:35 PM

I'm seriously seriously considering the lobster dress for my rehearsal dinner. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for a cute cover-up to go with it? It may be a bit chilly, but I love this dress.
I'm thinking some type of girly cardigan-- bronze, off-white? Any suggestions would be most appreciated!