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cherry blossom lights: found!

cherry blossom lights
'Member... a while back I posted about those great cherry blossom lights from Graham & Greene? The ones up there, on the right? Only, the shipping was too much for us Yanks, and we couldn't find them anywhere local or else they were all sold out, and we were really sad? 'Member? Well I haven't found the exact same ones here in the U.S.of A. but I think I may have found a perfect alternative, up there on the left. The flowers are coral colored instead of white but the lights are white and the effect is the same when they're lit, I'm sure of it. I think they may even be a little cheaper. Still perfect for alters, ceremony spaces, buffet tables, centerpieces, etc... Anywhere you might like to use 35 candles, but can't or don't want to risk an inferno.
They can be found at a lovely online establishment called World Market. Scoop them up before they're all sold out too!


j vorwaller on 9:06 PM

oh my stars...that is the most perfect lighting, ever.

too bad i'm living out of a suitcase and traveling right now! sigh...

so beautiful.

Anonymous on 3:36 PM

These are so beautiful! They can be found here: Branch Lights

Anonymous on 7:16 PM

I found them here (best price and selection): Cherry Blossom Lights