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wee dresses for wee people

I'm not usually the type of person who oo's and ah's over little girls clothes. This might explain why I hardly ever post about flower girl... anything.
But I think these dresses are just too much fun to ignore! The yellow and orange one? I want it my size! Both dresses are from the very grown-up sounding Smitherman & Barnwell, who assure me that all of their little gowns can be ordered over the phone by calling them directly at 212.201.1309. I don't even think you need a wedding on the horizon to get one of these. I don't even think you need a child. Just get one, then when children come over to your house you can make them wear it. That's what I'm going to do. What? That's perfectly reasonable.


Lauren on 8:37 PM

These are adorable! Have you seen the Biscotti dresses? Very Stunning!

'liya on 8:54 PM

I just came across your blog today. You have such unique things posted! I love all the ideas I'm getting here :) I'm supposed to be planning my own wedding but I've just been browsing through everything you've posted!