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succulent color scheme

succulent desert color scheme
This new color scheme of pale blue, sea foam green, and brown really speaks to me. I like that it's so calming and romantic, but not too trendy. The best part about it is the juicy little cactus blooms you get to incorporate into all your floral arrangements. The ones that fade from blue to green? I love those! I found the above images of such arrangements at Fiore Designs. The boutonniere? Succulent!



neat! those are very soothing and classic colors! and yay, fiore designs are in california!

MCRBride on 2:56 PM

Love succulents. Very nice.

Danielle on 9:53 PM

I had some silvery/pinky succulents in my wedding bouquet, they looked sensational. The other thing is that they can regrow really well - my mum planted the succulents from my bouquet while we were away on our honeymoon, and we came back to some lovely little succulent plants that we can keep. I think its a great way to preserve part of your bouquet.

Joy on 10:40 AM

These colors are sublime - I love it when they just work, you know? Great photos too!! on 11:22 PM

Love this color palette! Makes me happy!