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more colors!

More KenzieKate Colors
Every once in a while, I do something cool over at KenzieKate, and I can't help but toot my own horn a little.
I'm sort of proud of the fact that I can make any of our invitations in any color scheme, often at little or no extra cost. I've tried to tell people just how flexible KenzieKate can be but I do realize that it can be hard to visualize ALL the possibilities. So we've made it a little easier! We just installed a new feature on the KenzieKate website that will allow you to see just how different our invitations can look in colourways other than the ones featured. Just find the purple "more colors" button to see some of our favorite combos. While I can't possibly showcase all the options, I hope that this new feature will show you a little more of what KenzieKate can do!


Lacey on 3:23 PM

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Email me at if you'd like to. Thanks!

Rachelle on 4:35 PM

That is awesome cool! I'd be proud too! They look amazing!