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three little birds...

I'm not sure why these pretty little accessories from Lladros are called "Re-cyclos", but I love them just the same. Each piece features the ever so chic twig and bird theme, either in silver or 18 K gold with porcelain birdies. I picked the hair stick and the brooch above, but there are also earrings, cuff links and necklaces. I think any of these would be a great addition to any stylish modern gown.


Helen on 11:45 AM

Cute as heck!! So loving the bird themes doing the rounds at the moment. Delicate, refined and could swing to retro or ultra-modern at the flap of a wing. x

platinum blonde on 4:28 PM

these are gorgeous!

Something You! on 6:44 PM

absolutely beautiful! To look at them from a different perspective, I can envision using these on a wedding cake also- how pretty would that be?!

Anonymous on 8:46 AM

Love!!! love!!!

Anonymous on 12:00 PM

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Christy on 12:56 AM

These are amazing. I've added them to my permanent, ever growing, what I'm lusting after wish list. Thanks!

Anonymous on 6:31 PM

i believe they are "recyclos" because they are taking shapes and forms from past lladro designs and repurposing them onto vases, rings, necklaces, etc. it's a great idea. they do nice horses as well. on 4:27 PM

love it on 9:58 AM

very sweet