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sam and dave: the to-do list

Monday update courtesy of Samantha who is getting married in a little over 1 month! Yikes!
sam and dave childhood photos
It’s getting down to the wire. We’re running out of time!!! I’m not frantic yet. I probably should be. You may have noticed an air of nonchalance in previous posts. Furthermore, you may have noticed that the nonchalance often accompanied long lists of things we’ve yet to accomplish. Well here’s the current to do list and the actual count down of days left to do these (not so small) tasks…35…egads: Illustrate our wedding contract (modernized, more egalitarian Ketubah), finalize our 7 readings for the ceremony, finish a funny video Dave is making to show at the wedding, get a dress for the day-after brunch (I’m thinking the white dot dress by Kate Moss due to come out May 9th), figure out natural flower hair accessory, earrings, necklace, whether or not to alter dress, where to do it for under $200, get Dave’s shoes and suit alteration, finish cake topper (I’m making these little birdies sitting in a nest out of pom poms, twine and fabrics, figure out ipod mix for when the Cuban band stops, song for friend to play on violin while we walk down the aisle and finish scanning 100000+ childhood photos of the both of us for a slide show. I’ve scanned only about 100 so far. Here are a few cute ones. We have to put together the slideshow too, and try to find good juxtapositions. So that’s possible right? On top of writing my 200+ art report cards for my students? Did I mention that the wedding is June 9th and my last day of school is June 8th? Should I be sweating right now? Probably.


Alyson on 12:31 PM

Sam - Trying to save you some time. My fiance and I have a side business where wo do slideshows for weddings. We have found that after about 100 pictures, it gets to be a little too long and people start to lose intrest. Try to keep it at about 8 minutes. Good luck! and feel free to write me if you have any questions aweinick at gmail dot com

Anonymous on 1:36 PM

your list looks like mine!!! yay. i have 7 extra days but not any extra time,really. i think if you take it in stride you will be surprised by how much you get done- and you are not alone!

Samantha on 3:50 PM

thanks you two. I will try to take it all in stride. This weekend we're having our respective gender night out parties (aka "bachlorette") so that will be fun. We'll keep it to 100 photos, thanks for the input! I still have lots of scanning to do and then I'll start making the juxtapositions. Choices are good to have.

Anne on 9:03 PM

Wow! I thought I was the only crazy one getting married the day after the last day of school! (Wedding June 7th - Thursdays are a family tradition, last day of school June 6th!) We decided to forgo the slide show but are going to put copies of childhood photos on each table. Hopefully, people will want to check out what other tables have and mingle a bit - but I'm not sure our cute photos really have that much pull.
Good luck!