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sam and dave: the details

Today is technically Tuesday, but it's sorta Monday (on a more existential basis).
So, we're going to hear from Sam because it's (existentially) her day.

sam's earrings, sam's cupcakes

Last week my post was full of the impending doom that I would not accomplish my tasks before June 9th. This week things have calmed down. I finished my report cards for work, scanned all the photos and made the juxtapositions so that Dave can make the imovie slideshow, finished the painting on the ketubah (I’m getting the words printed on Tuesday and will post the finished piece next post), I got the earrings, and picked up my wedding ring. My parents have been so on top of everything all along but my mom really outdid herself last week when she completed 160 fondant flowers for the cupcakes. I still have to finish the cake topper and find a brunch dress but the big things are really finished. Dave and I also really need to practice what we learned in salsa class or we’re going to be bickering on the dance floor and I’ll have to deduct 7 points from our on going point system (anyone else have that? You know... add points for good behavior and deduct points for badness but never really tally? We’re getting really excited and had a really fun dinner in Park Slope on Friday; we each took our wedding rings out for a test run. They were a perfect fit, just like us.


Anonymous on 10:55 PM

yay!!!!!!!!!! everything looks like its coming along smoothly- great earrings,too.

Anonymous on 8:50 AM

Those earrings are devine!! and I'm lovin' those sweet fondant flowers-