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patch nyc

Patch NYC is one of my all time favorites for cake toppers. My friend Lena of ~>0<~ actually had her cake topper made by Patch, and was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (that's her cake there, on the left). In my opinion, if you're going to go the traditional bride-and-groom cake topper route, this is the way to do it. It's indie, it's unique, it's handmade, yet it still gives a nod to the old school. Traditions are your friends, just don't forget to put them in a fresh change of clothes before you send them down the aisle.


joanna on 7:15 AM

these are awesome, but were way out of my price range. my fiance found our cake toppers: victorian bride & groom playmobil figurines! $5.95 Plus he got some extra little kitty playmobil figures that look like our kitties, so our whole family will be represented.

Anonymous on 8:28 AM

uh, 500 bucks for a wedding thank you. i like the lego people idea!!!

willikat on 9:13 AM

yeah, agreed. they are adorable, but starting at $500? they are made of pipe cleaners! i feel like maybe you could find something similar on etsy for way cheaper.

Rosie & Andy on 9:39 AM

Here is a link to a lady who made her own for only $25.

IMO, her DIY one is MUCH cuter!!

Helen on 9:50 AM

Cutie pies, aren't they? I'd fret about the pipe cleaner furr in the cake though!!

I've tagged you in my blog, my dear, but only if you're interested, not too busy and that way inclined - what can I say - I do as I'm told! xx

Rachelle on 7:53 PM

Darling! What style!

Anonymous on 8:39 AM

I understand that and artist's work should be respected but do people really pay that much for pipe cleaners?!?! It just seems so out of touch with reality, I could never justify spending that much.

platinum blonde on 1:59 PM

here here! they are beautiful and unique!

Clover on 2:32 PM

Those are really cute!!

Christy on 12:53 AM

I love, love, love Patch NYC! They have the quirkiest and most creative style. If I were getting married, I'd kill for a custom Patch cake topper creation that looked like me and my man. After the wedding I'd keep it in my house like sculpture. So cute!

Nancy Swiezy on 4:12 PM

Patch NYC is simple darling. I’m A real Fan.
But of you are on a budget look in antique shops for a vintage topper
Nancy Swiezy
A Newport Affaire