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sam and dave: the bachelorette

I wished I could have been there, sounds like Sam and Dave had wonderful times! I'll let her tell you all about it. Here she is:

sam's bacellorette
Our respective gender outings… a.k.a. Bachelor/Bachelorette night happened yesterday. It was so much fun. I highly recommend karaoke to bring people together. I think perhaps that the UN should use it as a negotiating technique. Dave’s friends were wonderful and planned a perfect day for him. They really know him well. He met up with them at noon for beers at McSorley’s, then off for a shvitz at the Russian/ Turkish baths, then cigars and scotch, lunch, dinner and then back to our apartment to play X-box using a projector and large white sheet for an extra large screen (if you knew Dave, you’d know that scotch and video games are a perfect match). I went to brunch with one friend then headed over to Brooklyn with another to go to a vigorous vinyasa class, then manicure/pedicures, dinner at Cronkite (a pizza/wine place) with 7 of my girlfriends, then Karaoke!! Did I mention that my friend Hannah baked marvelous pink cupcakes for us to indulge in! Perfect! She knows me well. I made little pink cards with cupcakes on the front and little “I love you, my friend” note on the back. Everything was so splendid. I feel so lucky and special to have such amazing girlfriends.


Anonymous on 9:28 PM

very both have wonderful friends!!

Michelle Howell on 10:04 PM

What a fun Bachelorette Party!