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sam and dave: the earrings

I’m making a lot of headway on the slideshow this weekend. I’ve scanned all the photos and begun the juxtapositions. I’ve also bought some lovely watercolor paper for the ketubah and found a printing place for the lettering. So I’ll paint the design with transparent colorful inks and then have the lettering printed in a nice color. I promise to post the finished piece. I’ve also decided that instead of finding funky earrings, I’m going to go with something more antique and understated that will match the look of my dress. Initially I thought I would mix metals and wear a bit of gold but with the silver accents on the dress it might not look intentional. So I’m going to Stardust Antiques this week and getting a lovely art deco pair of earrings (above) I have my eye on. I’m still in the market for a dress to wear to the following morning brunch. I am madly coveting the Kate Moss white dot dress (above). It seems however to have been snatched up all over the galaxy, so if any SO,SN readers have any suggestions for something similar and perhaps also reasonably priced I would be so appreciative. Dave and I also finished shooting a silly wedding video to air at the event. We’ll post that when he’s all finished editing (I’m happy that’s not my job! All I have to do is act...silly that is). His other videos can be viewed at


Rebecca on 9:28 AM

Hey Sam--what are you doing for your ketubah? I am hitting a wall as far as finding something that I want to hang in my home. Are you making your own? Thanks for any advice!

Anonymous on 9:55 AM

that dress is kind of gross. You could do much better.

Anonymous on 10:24 AM

i am under the impression that no one, besides kate moss, will look appropriate in this dress- i would search out something else.i havent heard anything positive about the topshop line at all!

Anonymous on 10:43 AM

a quick note about slideshows and videos: No one wants to look at more than 3 minutes of baby pictures. slideshows are like speeches; keep them short for your guests sake-- mp*

Samantha on 2:23 PM

I do love that dress but the model is grotesquely skinny and I'm not, so maybe it would not work...but I'm looking for something along those lines. I'll keep looking when I find the time. As for the slide show...I'll work on keeping it short and sweet. Thanks for the tips.

Samantha on 2:25 PM

for my ketubah I'm using really nice arches watercolor paper (you can get it at any nice art store like Pearl or Blick). It's a heavy weight paper with a nice tooth. I'm using doc martin inks to make a border of dandelions with little seedlings blowing off. I'm going to use a tiny brush and get detailed. I might only use one color though. Then I'm going to Print Icon on 19th st. to have the text printed on an ink jet printer in a nice yet graphic color. I'm happy to answer any other questions...

mo on 3:51 PM

I pictured you in something much more sophisticated than this KM dress. You have made such careful plans for everything so far, don't neglect the last event.You should really consider some of the beautiful dresses that Mackenzie has posted recently. That black and white embroidered one was spectacular, as was the yellow one on May 7. Both would look great on you and would leave no room for negative remarks from anyone. Save the white one for the honeymoon!

K on 6:06 PM

Ditto on that model being grotesquely skinny!

Anonymous on 8:42 AM has a dress that resembles the km dress you like, its an embossed beach dress and its a better cut!! have a look-see..

Samantha on 10:50 AM

do I know mo? I'll check out the Jcrew thing and also try to get to some east village shops like foley and corinna....when I find the time...time has's strange.

Rebecca on 9:35 AM

yo again. I know Arches paper well--is your text in English or are you doing Hebrew as well? Did you (gasp) write it yourself? FWIW, I think you will look stunning in whatever dress you choose, but the Steven Alan cotton ones are really cute and have the same laid-back feeling you may be looking for...

Samantha on 11:36 AM

oh...thanks Rebecca! I hope to find a good dress. I'll check out Steven Allen. I have to hold off on that till I finish the ketubah though...and the cake topper. Those are the big weekend projects. In terms of ketubah, we wrote it ourselves (in english). I did some reasearch though
I combined ideas from egalitarian, secular and modern texts I saw and then we modified them and personalized them to get ours. When mine is finished, I'll post it and the text.

lynn on 4:11 PM
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Rebecca on 7:39 AM

samantha--awesome! that would be SO helpful. in a dorky aside, my fiance is a big fan of dave's podcast.