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procrastination abounds

bad bridesmaid dresses is constantly adding new ways for me to procrastinate. StarTracks started it all. It's what I do in the morning time. I look at Britney's new hat, Jessica's new hair, Mary Kate's same old leggings, and I drink my coffee. It's just my way. After my coffee and StarTracks, I'm ready to tackle the blogs. After the blogs, I do my real work. Which I love.
But I digress. has introduced a new and no doubt highly entertaining website called People's Real Life Weddings. People (you and me, not famous people) are invited to submit and lament about horrendous bridesmaid's dresses from yesteryear. If nothing else, it will provide you with ample reason not to DIY on the bridesmaids dresses. It will also make you thankful that the 80's are behind us.


Lacey on 9:52 PM

Yikes. Those are some very scary dresses! I love when a bride asks for you to buy a $300 dress that is lime green, hah

Saving up for a wedding


i'm totally addicted to, too. every morning, i do my routing work stuff, like get coffee, check email, charge my ipod... and of course, reading! i thought today's article on liev shreiber on naomi watt's was really sweet! ;-)