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double duty

blumebuds placecards
"Double Duty Objects For Budget Weddings"; I think this is a great idea for an article in a wedding magazine. Just wait and see! Sooner or later, this will be an actual article and I will feel very smart indeed.
OK so first on the list of useful, budgety, doubley-doodley items is the Blumebud; placecard extraordinaire, and favor. Ooooo. Next on my list is stolen directly from Miss Tomato over at Wedding Bee, and that is fans that are programs. Programs... in the shape of fans. Fans... in the shape of programs. Get it? Ooooo.
I was on a roll there for a second. But now I'm stuck.
Help me flesh this list out... What Would Martha Do?


Jenn on 9:01 AM

I am amazed by how adorable (and afforable!) these are! Just so cute!

sans on 3:52 PM

These are great! I ordered some to use as table name holders.

Fresh Floral Art on 11:14 PM

Love the blumebuds. They coordinate so nicely with the blumebox's!