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cherry blossom lights

For about $26 each, these light-up cherry blossom branches pack a heck of a punch. I know that a lot of you are struggling with vendors and spaces who won't allow you to use candles... I think these could approximate the subtle glow of candlelight quite nicely, while still contributing to the decor in daylight. Spend $100, and you could have lovely addition to a chuppah, altar, head table, church entrance... the possibilities are endless.
From Graham and Greene.


*terramia* on 3:36 AM

Gorgeous for any occasion! Someone is downright brilliant! (:

cruststation on 11:06 AM

These are beautiful, I just blogged about fairy lights :)

joy on 6:17 PM


heather on 2:11 AM

I wish I could have these. have you checked on the shipping quote? What do you think it would be? Maybe santa will bring me these for christmas.

Karen on 6:16 PM

Where can you get these? on 5:21 PM

where can you purchase these?

Mackenzie on 5:26 PM

Click on "Graham and Greene" up above.

j vorwaller on 9:08 PM

sighh.....: )

Anonymous on 3:38 PM

These are so beautiful! They can be found here: Branch Lights

Anonymous on 2:17 PM

These are so beautiful, I got them for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved them. I found them here: BranchLights

Erin on 8:24 AM

These are so great for a cute little whimsical wedding! I will definitely keep these in mind! Love them