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white house, black market

I've gotten four calls already this week from brides looking for black and white wedding invitations. This means that there are probably a lot of brides out there looking for black and white bridesmaid's dresses. Yes, that was quite an astute deduction. Yes, I know, I am very detective like. Yes, I will stop now.
If you really don't love the matchy-matchy exactly the same bridesmaid's look, you should check White House, Black Market. The dresses coordinate beautifully, but allow for a little personal style.


Joy on 10:29 AM

these are so pretty and elegant!
i love black & white at weddings...

Rhonda on 8:29 AM

Good idea!

White House, Black Market is my favorite store. They aren't everywhere but when I'm in a town that has one I have to stop! I always find something I like.


hiphostess on 5:58 PM

these are soooo pretty! I'm going to have to brainstorm an excuse to buy the bottom one! :)