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Oh, Claire (Claire Pettibone). How I love to see you go!
Sweeter than Easter Sunday on the way in, and hotter than Mardi Gras on the way out. I love it. It really gives the guests something pleasant to look at while you're busy saying your vows.
BTW. My will to exercise has returned! It may have been the near 60 degree weather, or it may have been the fact that it's restaurant week in Brooklyn and the dining out is making my jeans a little "squeezy", but I'm back at the gym! I did a "Punk Rope" class with Dierdre yesterday, and it really kicked the living crap out of me. It felt great. I can't move from stiffness, but it felt great.


Anonymous on 12:10 PM

love these dresses!!! beautiful.beautiful.

Joy on 9:32 AM

That is SO beautiful!! I love lacy details... simply gorgeous!!

Amanda on 7:02 PM

i LOVE this much do her dresses run?