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candy land

Apothecary Jar 2Apothecary Jar 1
For macaroons, jelly beans, chocolate truffles, Peach Rings, Milk Duds, rock candy, gumdrops, Sour Watermelons, Gummy Bears, caramels, Necco Wafers, Sugar Babies, Red Hots, Swedish Fish, non-parleils, Smarties, Smooth-n-Melties, licorice whips, MaryJanes, Pixie Sticks, Jujubees, Bull's Eyes, Sour Cherries, Tootsie Rolls, Root Beer Barrels, salt water taffy, Atomic Fireballs or Jordan Almonds. In short; The Candy Buffet. Or for notes to the couple. Or for centerpieces. I just thought the first option was the most fun. Plus I figured that, if you didn't hate me for throwing you off your diet, you'd get a kick out out of my nostalgic waltz thru Candy Land. HEY! Candy Land?! Remember that game? Awwwwwww. I do. I loved that game.
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What would you use these for? Ideas?


Allison on 11:37 PM

Oh love these! I'm not getting married anytime soon, but when I marry my boyfriend we are for sure incorporating these jars into our centerpieces. He and I love candy - we actually have a 'candy' (Mike and Ike's). We are true opposites and honestly don't share a lot of the same hobbies, but candy is something that unites us everytime! Thank you for this post! It made me realize we do have our things and appreciate them more...

Phoebe on 9:20 AM

ohhh, these are beautiful!! wonderful idea!

what about with gold chocolate coins for the holiday season?

i think they'd look gorgeous with lots of other things inside them besides candy, too-- what about with lemons and limes for summer; or white meringues for spring? or thin colored breadsticks (a la martha) for a tuscan-themed wedding?

what about hollow or faux ostrich eggs in beautiful blues and whites for a spring theme?

mmm.. so many ideas! thanks again! xxp

Meghan Meyers on 11:17 PM

I have a cluster of these on my dining room table-- I use them as terrariums. They are lovely -- and I got them for $12-16 at HomeGoods!!!