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bcbg whites

bcbg white
Wowy, wow, wow. What a steal! What would you pay for any one of these? $1000?... $750?... $500?... WRONG! None of these are a penny over $400. I feel like I should be on a infomercial selling juicers with Jack Lalaine.
The one with the black sash would be perfect for a black and white wedding. All BCBG. All very intriguing.


Anonymous on 8:41 AM

I've searched high and low on the internet for these dresses. Are they only available in BCBG Boutiques?
Thanks for any info!

erinn on 4:01 PM

Where o where were you when I got married? 'Back then' I had the Wedding Channel and The Knot to choose from. I clicked through to your blog from decor8. It's great! Even though I'm not getting married again anytime soon, I'll definitely be back for a visit.

Anonymous on 6:11 PM

I found these on the net using your link. If you click on Ready to Wear you get instructions to order or you can choose a boutique.
I love this blog!

Michelle on 12:09 AM

Just wanted you to know that thanks to your blog, you got me thinking outside the box about how to find a great dress that wouldn't break the budget. I bought that third dress for $300 and it's every bit as cool as the Nicole Miller one I tried on at a bridal boutique that was over $1000. So thank you! ;)

Anonymous on 9:47 AM

I have to find the gown on the right! Where can I get it for my wedding?? Can you publish the links? I can't find it on your page...maybe I am blind?

Anonymous on 9:29 PM

I am selling the dress on the left if anyone is interestead???

It is brand new without the tags...I am selling it for a really good price!!!!!!

let me know at

manaynay on 9:52 PM

Id just like to say that a "not a penny over 400" isnt exactly true
I was in the BCBG boutique in montreal and when i saw the dress in the middle i fell in love
the price tag on the other hands a little much
with tax itd be $500, which is way to much to spend on a prom dress.
I googles White dress with black sash
and it sent me to this link here.
I agree that its an amazing dress
But you can find the same one on St Hubert street for $250 instead.

Anonymous on 1:10 AM

I am selling the gown on the far left.the one with the jewels in the middle. size 2. It was only worn once.excellent condition.

for information- email.