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sam and dave: the shoes

Good Monday! Today Sam needs some assistance with her feets. I love Naturalizer heels. I know what you're thinking. Ew. Right? Wrong (sort of). Indeed, many of their styles can still be found on the feet of elderly school nurses everywhere. BUT... they've got some very hot little items as well. Stop making that face. I own a pair of Naturalizers, most comfortable heels I have. I could walk miles in them. So that's my two cents.

Here's Sam:
I’ve been thinking deeply about shoes lately. Yes, philosophically too. What to wear for the wedding? I’ve pondered the practical issues; I’ll be on my feet for many hours, perhaps salsa dancing for some of that time. I’ve pondered fashion issues like the fact that my legs might look longer if I were to wear tall shoes. Annnd back to the practical, Dave’s 6’ 3”. Annnd back to the fashion, I would love a pair of beautiful shoes that I can wear again for the deluge of weddings, bar mitzvahs and occasions I have this summer.
Cole Haan's line, complete with Nike Air technology, just might be the perfect fit (top left). Naturalizer also offers some attractive options (the other three). I have not quite found the pair of my dreams yet but it would be fantastic if I could create a shoe that had the comfort of a flat, and the style of the heel. A hybrid. Frankly you won’t see too much of them under my dress. So I suppose comfortable and stunning are my goals, is it possible? Any suggestions?


Sherry on 10:10 AM

Check out ballroom dance shoes. They have excellent arch and flex, and they are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn! (way more comfortable than even aerosoles and naturalizer) Hhich makes sense, because professional ballroom dancers invest in these shoes and dance for hours in them!

Anonymous on 4:08 PM

i am totally obsessed with shoes for my wedding day, too. i cannot find anything cute or in my size. it is very frustrating. however, i like the ones posted and i hope you have better luck than i do...

Anonymous on 10:25 AM

Try Dansko- they make the Arabella in champagne and ivory (a couple of years ago they had white, but sadly no longer). I've worn the Arabella in black to at least 6 weddings (twice as a bridesmaid) and they're sooo comfortable. I'll probably get ivory for my wedding this summer.