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POST! postal rate increase

The Post Office has announced that it will increase it's first class mail rates, (as of May 14th) to 41 cents for a 1 oz letter. I know that this has effected many of my clients, as the amount of postage they need to put on their reply envelopes has gone up, so I thought I'd let you all know as well. No one wants the replies lost in the mail! The new 41 cent stamps won't be available until the middle of April so if you must send your invites out between now and then, and your reply-by date is after May 14th, remember to include a supplemental 2 cent stamp, or two 1 cent ones on the reply envelopes. Again:
The 1 oz rate will increase to 41 cents.
2 oz rate will decrease to 58 cents.
3 oz will be 75 cents.
3.5 oz will be 92 cents.
Over 3.5 oz will be subject to flat rates.
Postcards will go up to 26 cents

Please, please, always get your invites weighed at The Post Office before you send them out. Just to be sure.
Details from the Post Office here.


mo on 1:09 PM

This isn't about the postal rate increase, but thanks for the reminder. Your advise about getting the invites weighed is very important, too.
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the Something Fun part of your blog.
Everytime I click I get absorbed for a long time and often end up returning again later.
The unique hotels and resorts posted now are soooooo inviting (not the prison one so much).
Each time I visit I see things that are very different and quite intriguing...
Thank you for sending me on all these little recesses in my life.

Brittany on 4:15 PM

I wanted to know what you advise your clients about postage under the new rate system for square envelopes that are over 2 oz. The postage office says that a large square envelope (which is probably going to be 2 oz. for anyone with inserts) requires .97 cent postage. But, I can't find a stamp for that, or really anything close that looks attractive. Any suggestions for wedding postage? I am sure I'm not the only one in this boat!

Wedding Stamps on 3:26 PM

Brittany, you're definitely not the only one facing the problem of finding nice wedding invitation postage. That's why Artistic Postage has created a whole line of original wedding stamps. Most are customizable and we'll even design one just for you if you like.

Please check out the selection at:
Wedding Invitation Postage

Anonymous on 9:17 PM

Brittany- You are right, you are not the only one in that boat. My postoffice said that my square invitations require 97 cents and right now my only option is the Star Wars stamp. is another good website with customizable stamps, but still no 97 cent ones. I don't know what to do, this is not fair!

Normalinda on 1:11 PM

Anyone find a solution to 97 cent stamps. I wish I would have known about this before orderign my invitations. :-(

Anonymous on 3:30 PM

Wow...that is quite the increase :(

I have found some great postage stamps here: