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Love, love the idea of birdies as cake toppers. This notion has been half circulating the wedding world for a while now. I think I remember seeing a photo shoot a la Martha Stewart Weddings with birdies as cake toppers, or as part of a place setting, I can't remember. Miss Plum posted about these glass birds (bottom) over at Matthew Stewart's Etsy shop, and has proposed using them as cake toppers. Brilliant! The queen of avian craftiness herself, Ann Wood, has posted a "Coming Soon" on her site, promising the arrival of these adorable winged bride and groom cake toppers (top). Or, (if you prefer a more DIY route), I found this floral supply site, where you can purchase any number of different species of love birds to grace the top of your cake. I especially love the Mockingbirds (No. 31) and the Feathered Goldfinches (No. 27). Tweet. Tweet.