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sam and dave: the rabbi

It's going to be a beautiful day here in New York. Tomorrow, there are rumors it will reach 70 degrees. I'm trilled, yet deep down in my bones, I know that it WILL snow in New York one more time before winter is officially over. I tell you this because we are all always so surprised when it snows in April, we are shocked to our core. We curse the weather man. I'm just trying to prepare you all. Brace yourselves, is all. Don't break out your pastel capri pants yet. In the mean time, Samantha has some major developments in the ceremony department. Here she is:
Yesterday Dave and I met with the rabbi at the cafĂ© in Lincoln center; the rabbi’s son’s friend was performing there later in the afternoon. He has two other sons also, one of which was my very first friend in life. The rabbi and his wife are still close friends with my family. I can’t imagine anyone else marrying Dave and me. He’s wonderful, liberal, reform and willing to do the service as we wish. Over tea and coffee he got to know Dave, and us as a couple. We talked about modifications to traditional ceremonies and ways to include friends without having a processional. It’s really going to be a lovely ceremony, very meaningful to both of us. In the end it’s going to be a very secular ceremony with some beautiful cultural traditions interspersed that represent our culture, our grandparents and parents. We’ll use my papa’s talit on the chupah and Dave’s baba’s kiddish cup. We’re going to make a kitubah that will be an egalitarian agreement between us and we’ll have a few friends read some modified, updated blessings, some hold the chupah and one play the violin. I know it’s going to be so special for everyone in our family and hopefully our friends too. This is a picture of me and the rabbi’s son from the good ol’ days (we’re still friends today).


Pencils on 4:41 AM

Awwww. That's so sweet. We're also having a rabbi marry us in a fairly secular ceremony, as I'm not Jewish. Not religious, but was raised Episcopalian, and I want to include some part of their wedding service too. Amazing how you become nostalgic when you're getting married! We're also going to have a chuppah, held by our siblings, my mom will do a reading of her choice (probably the letter of St Paul to the Corinthians that everyone reads), and my dad is lettering a ketubah for us while I'm going do attempt some "paper art" to decorate. Wish me luck!

Samantha on 8:34 AM

that sounds wonderful! Good luck. It's going to be fun to honor friends by having them do blessings, hold the chupah or witness the ketubah signing.

Joy on 9:34 AM

How cute are YOU!!! That's so great that you can incorporate all the things that make up who you are as individuals and as a couple - and how great to have a close friend there to share it with you!!
Congratulations - you must be ecstatic! :)

Samantha on 9:48 AM

Oh Joy!! Thanks for the comment, you are right, I am totally excited to share this event with friends and family. It's really coming soon and I still have more little things to take care of but I'll take it one step at a time. I hope you are well and I loooove your blog. Thanks!