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vonderful vintage

Adorable, affordable, and (as of 11:38 EST) unclaimed vintage over at Vintageous. All the good dresses fly out of this place like Barbies at a yard sale, so if you see something you like, act fast. If you dawdle, you might find yourself lying awake at night thinking about the vintage that could have been...
The second dress? Sexy is in the building. Someone with curves, pick that one up and stop some traffic. Please.


Jen on 12:59 PM

Ooooh! Love these gorgeous vintage dresses! Such a fun change from the traditional look--:)

christy on 11:06 PM

So beautiful! I love the shape and detail of the first one, and the second one is so Sofia Loren!

susan on 7:24 PM

OMG. I LOVE THE FIRST DRESS. It's eyelet, flare-y and fun. EXACTLY what I would want in the reception/party dress!