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sam and dave: the diet

I'll pass you straight over to Samantha for the latest update on her wedding diet. Here she is:
So last week I mentioned getting in better shape. Since then I read the South Beach Diet book and Dave and I decided to do it. Phase one started with cutting out bread, pasta, fruits, cookies or alcohol…. my favorite things (alcohol was easy enough…chocolate, not so easy). I went a whole week without those things. I increased my protein consumption (tofu, tofu, tofu) and increased my running mileage (a friend and I are doing a half marathon in April). I did not lose a pound; maybe I ate too many calories of almonds and tofu (I know it sounds crazy but that must be why). My mom and dad are doing this diet too. So now everyone’s serious, they lost a few pounds but are in good health to begin with too.

Friday after feeling discouraged about my failure to lose weight, Dave came home with a new plan called The Best Life Diet. The guy who penned it is Oprah’s health and fitness guru. I’m not a huge Oprah fan but Dave got the book for free from his publishing company, so I’m reading it. It makes far more sense than cutting things out drastically. It’s a gradual approach. I’m already in the second phase of it from my first week on South Beach. I’m not going to go crazy. I’ve decided that instead of being strict and obsessing, I’m going to take the underlying principles of each diet and apply them to my life. So here’s the diet: Try to stick to three meals a day and two small snacks, make sure there’s protein in every meal, skip refined sugars (except on occasions or on the weekend), increase exercise and vary it more than I currently do and most of all watch portion size. I can’t expect to drop weight like sedentary people that eat cheese fries with a side of Pepsi, nor am I looking to yo-yo diet. I see that there are a lot of diets online for brides but I want to do this mostly for my life… not that looking bad on my wedding day is not a motivating factor as well. I’ll let you know how it goes.


K.R. on 2:43 PM

Hi there. Have you ever considered Weight Watchers? Me and my fiancee both joined right before thanksgiving, and I've already hit my goal weight of 127 lbs (I was only 138 to start)and he has lost about 13 pounds.

I decided to try it after I asked my doctor what diet she thought was the healthiest and she recommended Weight Watchers. It kind of makes the most sense of any diets I've seen out there, and it has been really easy for me to stick with.

But most importantly, I've noticed I just feel a lot healthier and more energetic lately. I don't want to end up feeling exhausted from some crazy diet right before my wedding. I need the energy!

Best of luck :-)

Anonymous on 10:42 AM

For many years I was committed to Body for life - it works and it is seriously something you can do for life - just like what you want - nothing fad about it.

I need to get back on it.

good luck.

Samantha on 12:09 PM

I'm looking into body for life for weight training tips. I already to dumbell stuff for shoulders, biceps and triceps. I might not be doing enough sets or reps according to Body for life. I've tried weight watchers and I like it on principle but I rather count calories on Right now I really need to concentrate on portion control because I am eating the right stuff and very very little of the wrong stuff. But if I keep eating too much of the right stuff nothing will happen. I'm going to keep my running mileage at 20-25 miles per week, try to incorporate new weight training techniques from Body for life and learn to modify my portions and hopefully I'll see results. I'm aiming for ten pounds, I have over two months, hopefully some results will start to show themselves. I'm not going to weigh myself this weekend, I find it I'm gonna keep trying and weigh in next weekend. Thank you so much for you're advice.

Anonymous on 11:06 AM

NOT weighing yourself is by far THE BEST thing you can do...getting muscle will make you technically weigh more but you WILL get lean and therefore skinnier!!! I am sure of that. Around 2 months is when you will start to really see the difference! hang in there + do it!

1jonboy on 11:06 PM

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The Pink Slip on 11:14 AM

Diets are funny, some work like a charm and others don't. I personally try to do a cleanse first otherwise it's no use. I would recommend that you try the cleanse or (all natural and taste good)then after the cleanse visit and look up the master cleanse ( lemonade diet)I ended up losing 2 pounds a day after the third day of being on's pretty intense though, however it made me look at eating healthy in a whole new light :o) - Good Luck! P.S I LOVE your blog