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Unique wedding bands are hard to come by. Very hard. I've tried on a few occasions to scout unique and attractive options to post about. I've always had to work Google down to the forty-second page before anything remotely interesting showed up.
Which brings me to today's post, which came completely by accident. I just happened across these unique and colorful bands by Etienne Perret. They're not cheap, but they are stunning. I can't get over the double loop (top left), it's like the perfect allegory for marriage right there on your ring finger. And the rainbow of diamonds? I've always said that if I were to have the world on a plate, the first course (the amuse bouche, if you will) would be diamonds, one in every color of the rainbow.


Anonymous on 11:01 PM

i've been searching and it is definitely not easy to find wedding rings that are interesting, unusual, and beautiful.

but then i found this designer:

Anonymous on 11:44 PM

only to say that i love your blog, i really do.
and im not even getting marry!!! i don't even have a boyfriend, but i really enjoy your finds and i want to let you know!


Natalie on 7:27 AM

Those are beautiful rings! I went very simple and traditional with my band, but if I'm ever in the market for something more original and sparkly, I will definitely look into something like the ones you posted!

Anonymous on 8:21 AM

You may also be interested in a designer named Todd Reed.

Houses, Couches and Babies on 11:47 PM

Those rings could also be great "push presents" when having a baby. And yes, all women deserve a "push present!"