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can't wait!

Happy Halloween everyone! Our neighborhood gets tons of trick-or-treaters and I'm looking forward to handing out candy in my costume (I'm going to be a jockey, Shorty's gonna be ma race horse!). What's everyone else being?

So once Halloween is over (in my opinion) we're in "The Holiday Season". We set the clocks back, I start my Christmas shopping, there will be parties, family get-togethers, twinkle lights, and oodles of wedding proposals... I can't wait! I love the holidays. Does anything create a festive mood like fancy shoes? I think not! All from J. Crew.


Kristin on 8:16 AM

Goodness gracious, J.Crew is steppin' it up in the shoe dept. I am delightfully surprised!

Thanks for sharing!

Ellen Mint on 8:55 AM

Happy Halloween.

I'm a sort of witch at work right now. (I find it entertaining that I have the hat and makeup on while I munch on an apple) Tonight is a friends rehearsal dinner.

maritessb on 1:13 PM

I'm a hula girl! happy halloween!

I love all these shoes esp the first one!

Joanna Goddard on 9:20 AM

these are SO pretty!!

Anonymous on 7:13 PM

These are so fabulous! I love all the J.Crew shoes! Phenomenal and so chic!

Krista on 10:08 PM

Happy Hallowe'en! I was a witch, not very creative, but I did love seeing the kids dressed up!

Jen on 3:06 PM

Love these shoes...I agree, J Crew is steppin it up!

Amanda B. Young on 8:00 PM

Ohhh these are just lovely! All the blue colors seem so wonderfully wintery!

on 6:58 PM

Loving those white ones!

Hannah on 11:18 PM

Oh wow... I want-- no, need-- those shoes!!!